24 July 2007

BAR-B-CURIOS: Pulled Pork Slyderz

Those of ya'll who live in Middle Tennessee know that you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a barbecue restaurant - they're everywhere. And we aim to talk about a lot of 'em here on this blog. But to begin with, I'd like to start smaller. And squarer. As I was sitting in traffic in front of the White Castle on Broadway, imagine my surprise to see a sign advertising a pulled pork sandwich!

This struck me as odd for a couple of reasons. Usually, when fast food places try to do barbecue, they just throw some BBQ sauce on a chicken sandwich or a burger. Or they fashion a piece of "pork" into the shape of a miniature rack of ribs and serve it on a sandwich. This may just be the first attempt at a pulled pork sandwich by a fast food restaurant. And it comes from...White Castle? How did Krystal - the southern, non-buddy version of White Castle - allow this to happen on their home turf?
Anyway, seeing as this might be culinary history in the making and also seeing as I am a pulled pork junkie, I decided to give it a shot.

As you can see from the sign in the drive-thru line, they are pushing this sandwich hard. They are also calling it "slow cooked." I proceeded to order this slow cooked barbecue sandwich from a fast food restaurant.

As you can see in the picture, the sauce dominates. The meat itself, not really contributing any flavor, just serves as a vehicle to get more of the ketchupy sweet sauce between the buns. It was so saturated with the stuff that I have to think the meat has just been sitting in a crock pot full of sauce all day.
When it comes to pulled pork, dear reader, barbecue sauce is kind of like cologne. A little bit can complement what you've already got and make a good thing even better. But when there's way too much of it, you have to wonder what somebody's trying to cover up.

Until next time...

13 July 2007

Ulika Food Blog

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