30 June 2012


What should I pickle next?

carrots with garlic, peppercorns, and habaneros

cowhorn, cubanelle peppers and jalapeƱos

sweet and spicy pickles

28 June 2012

The Iron Cross aka Asado

Inspired by the All Star BBQ Team The Fatback Collective, I'm building one of these puppies. Stay Tuned......

image via Chris Chamberlain

Music Thursday: Beachwood Sparks - Forget The Song

My friends Peter and Jeff have been trying to get me into Beachwood Sparks for years, and now that I have Spotify, I have been listening to them on the reg. It also just happens that they released a new record this week after a 10 year hiatus. Here is a track off the new album The Tarnished Gold.

07 June 2012

Music Thursday: Medeski Martin & Wood - Coconut Boogaloo

A great way to kick off your Thursday morning.

03 June 2012

Sweet and Spicy Pickles

I'm pretty excited about these....