16 December 2007

New Smoker - Stumps Elite 7

On Monday I will be placing my order for a Stumps Elite 7. This cooker is the answer the the pellet shooters that are very prominent on the KCBS circuit. Utilizing the BBQ Guru, the Stumps cooker allows you to set the temperature and let the cooker do the rest. This is a major upgrade from my stick burner that needed constant attention. Now I will actually be able to get some sleep at a bbq competition. I still won't have my new cooker until sometime in January, but you can be assured I will post pictures of the cooker and the first cook.


Keith said...

I have owned Stumps since the first prototype!! I actually bought the 3rd one he ever made!! I purchased a used model last year and since then, i have slept at every comp! I have just come back from Ga yesterday where I/we won GRAND CHAMP! Got some really good sleep and the combo of the Guru and Stumps is unbeatable!
This is my 2nd Grand in a row! First was KCBS (backyard) in Columbus Ga and yseterday at IBCA event in Effingham GA. I guarantee that you will love this Cooker! Enjoy! Keith/Seriously Smokin' BBQ

Andouille said...

Tell me something about that Stump's Elite 7. I own a Traeger Executive 125 and love it but I am looking into one of the insulated type smokers. That looks like it might just be the ultimate smoker. Please share all you have on the Stump's. I have tried to find out something about and have come up dry.