29 January 2008

BBQ Spa Treatment

I was watching BBQ with Bobby Flay (I could rant on this show being called BBQ and how I lost all respect for Bobby Flay, but that is another blog for another day), and I saw a rather unusual segment. Apparently the Spa at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel in Dallas Texas offers a BBQ Wrap spa treatment. This treatment includes a brush down in bbq sauce, and then a wrapping in a thick heating blanket. So if you have ever wondered what a pig feels like, just swing over to the Crescent Spa. They will literally cook you in sauce, and then feed you some chicken that is covered in the leftover sauce. In the episode, the gal promoting this treatment said that women from New York City enjoy this treatment, because they want to get a true Texas experience.

Saying that a BBQ Spa Wrap is a true Texas experience is like saying eating brisket tacos at the Austin airport is true Texas BBQ.

Anne Melby, the Crescent's spa director, says that their wrap "exfoliates and smoothes dry skin, stimulates circulation and helps rid the body of toxins. And it smells fabulous — you just want to eat it."

The BBQ Wrap is not on the regular spa menu, but just ask for the "special bbq treatment" for an experience of a lifetime.


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