03 January 2008

KCBS Elections

If you are a KCBS member, you need to vote in the Board of Directors (BOD) election. This is an important time for the future of competition bbq. The decisions that these elected board members make could change the face of competition bbq as we know it today.

Personally, I am endorsing Rod Gray. Rod is the only candidate that is running for re-election for the BOD. Last summer I was fortunate to attend the first Rod Gray/Johnny Trigg cooking class, and I could not have been more pleased. Rod is a great instructor and he has a true passion for bbq.

This is an email I received from Rod, and I wanted to post it so that everyone got a chance to read it.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is going to be brief because I value your time. It's Kansas City Barbeque Society election time and I need your vote. I also need the vote of friends I have never met, your friends that are KCBS members. Please forward this to them as your endorsement of my re-election.

During my current term, many great things have happened with the KCBS. Improvements in communication to the members, especially the detail of the meeting minutes, moving the Rules Committee meeting to make it more accessible to folks from all over the country, and improvements in both contest and judging procedures. I have only missed one regular board meeting and attended by telephone only twice. In addition, I have taken on several special projects, severed as committee chairs, and am currently the Vice President of the organization. If re-elected I will work as hard these next three years as I have these past three. I am also a cook and a Certified Barbeque Judge. In 2007 alone, I visited 22 states, cooked 30 contests, logging over 17,000 miles in the process. I have met many great people traveling the country cooking and teaching barbeque. I am proud to call them all my friends.

I welcome your questions and comments. If there is one thing I love, it's talking about barbeque and our competition future. Also, thank you for your support these past three years. The election opens Wednesday, January 2nd and runs for about two weeks. If you want me to represent you on the Kansas City Barbeque Society board of directors, please vote for me.

- Rod Gray

With so many crucial issues on which the BOD will be making decisions, it is an important time to have our leaders be individuals who have cooked and competed - individuals who know how competitions work and who know what it's like to get inconsistent scoring. Rod has the experience and passion for the position.

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