04 March 2008

Two New Books

Today, my wife came across two books at the antique store:

The Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook and Smokestack Lightning

I am very excited to start reading Smokestack Lightning. Covering the different styles and practices from different regions of the country, the book is full of pictures and first-hand accounts that display the history and the total experience of bbq. I have seen this book referenced many times in online articles and even on TV shows about bbq. It is also pretty cool that this is a hardcover first edition of the book.

The KCBS book - The Kansas City Barbecue Society Presents "Barbecue...It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore" - provides a history of the society along with equipment discussion, tools, techniques, and of course, recipes. With some of the group's big names as contributors, this should have some pretty interesting info.

Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightning (the inspiration for the title)

"In the real world, most people don't know a brisket from a butt and feel not the least bit impoverished by their ignorance. But like Trekkies or bungee jumpers or Civil War re-enactors, competitive barbecuers spend weekends in their own orbit. They worship their own gods, they speak their own language, and they think the ability to distinguish a brisket from a butt is no less basic to a civilized existence than are lounge chairs and chilled beer."
- Lolis Eric Elie, Smokestack Lightning

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Pellet Envy said...

You are a lucky, lucky man Rob. What a great find by your wife. I have never seen a hardback copy of Smokestack Lightning. The book was out of print when I found my copy. Since then, it's been re-issued, but I didn't think they printed it in hard bound again. Could yours be an original? Awesome find! It's a great read, especially for someone afflicted with the disease as badly as you have it.