19 April 2008

High on the Hog Results

We had a great time in Winchester this weekend. Here are the results.

Chicken - 5th
Ribs - 9th
Pork - 36th
Brisket - 7th

Overall - 7th out of 52 teams

Congrats to all those that got calls.

I will post some pictures later.


BP said...

Did anyone else get as sunburned as I did?

Anonymous said...

GO TEAM ULIKA!!!!!!!!!!
the gilliams are so proud :)

Ken Wood said...

Guys- Congrats on your competitions this year. I have a BBQ team started last year and will start our season at the Sundrop BBQ contest. Anyway -I shop at Publix's in Mckays Mill -seems the same place you are buying your meat. I really like your site. Here is my Site
http://thrillerzonthegrillerz.blogspot.com/ .

I will introduce myself at the next event. Ken Wood