23 July 2008

BBQ SAUCE OF THE WEEK: Legend Apple Cider BBQ Sauce

"Legend" is a line of barbecue sauces produced and marketed by a company called Seasons Harvest. Barbecue sauce is but one part of a diverse lineup of condiments and accoutrements which seem to be aimed squarely at the foodie crowd. This particular sauce is recommended specifically for pork (there are other sauces for beef, fowl, and seafood).

Upon uncapping, one can immediately smell the apples - it smells kind of like you just opened a jar of apple butter, in fact. The sauce is fairly bright in color and fairly thick in consistency, with a puree texture containing no bits floating within. And as strong as the sauce smells of apples, it tastes even moreso. It's very sweet, bursting with the taste of fresh apples.

Mike Mills, I do believe you've been out-apple'd.

There are hints of onion and tomato that keep it from simply tasting like applesauce. There is no apparent spiciness at all.

Okay, but how good is it? It does have a pleasantly fresh and natural taste, but...very fruity. I tend to think it might go better with something like grilled pork chops, rather than barbecue.

Grade: B

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