10 July 2008

Music Thursday: Summertime

The year was 1991. U.S. was in the midst of Desert Storm, Exxon had a nasty spill to clean up in Alaska and Rodney King asked everyone to get along. Pee Wee was arrested (as was Mike Tyson) and Super Nintendo was released. The Giants won the Super Bowl while Michael Jordan led the Bulls to their first NBA Championship. The members of the Ulika BBQ team were 10, 11 and 12 years old.

As kids of the 90s, Summertime was an anthem. This was on the radio while I was going to Little League and filling up on Fla-Vor-Ice, Fun Dip and extra large Pixy Stix.

Before Will Smith was a drunk superhero, before he am legend, before Men in Black I and (unforunately) II, before Ali and Wild Wild West and even before the days of Gettin' Jiggy (Piggy) wit it...he was the Fresh Prince.

Note: The Fresh Prince is seen manning the grill (with tongs)

By the way, have you often found yourself lying awake at night wondering where did DJ Jazzy Jeff go? Umm, nowhere I guess. While Will Smith moved on to make millions, it appears Jeff's still jazzy (and still name-dropping to keep food on the table - check out "Brand New Funk 2K7").

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