27 July 2008

Summer Veggies

This weekend some friends brought by some fresh veggies from their garden. Just as I am nuts about bbq, my friend Patrick is nuts for tomatoes and other veggies. These tomatoes are the real deal, from black tomatoes to the Arkansas traveler, he grows them all. You can see he also brought me some okra and some Thai hot chillies for some stir fry.

I smoked a turkey breast on the Egg and sliced it up for some sandwich meat. There is nothing like some smoked turkey, mayo, provolone cheese, home grown tomatoes, lettuce, and some freshly cracked black pepper.


BP said...

There's not much better than a fresh tomato sliced up on plate with some salt. That's good eatin'.

Ken Wood said...

Try whole okra -
1. Shake in plastic bag with olive oil and salt and pepper.
2.Add to a hot grill for about 3minutes a side being 2 sides (I know it is round) should get some char. I like to let some oil hit the hot grill to flame -up
3. You want them crisp not mussy
* My favorite veg....

Unknown said...

I grilled that okra and that was some good stuff. I have always fried it, but grilling may be the way to go here. Thanks for the tip.