20 August 2008

Desert Island Dressings

My refrigerator died last week. And unfortunately, I was not at home when it died, so by the time I discovered it, everything inside was ruined. That's the insult on top of the injury of having to buy a new refrigerator - you also have to replace all of the food. So last night I went condiment shopping. Because condiments are obviously the most important thing in a refrigerator. And as I was deciding which condiments to buy, it got me thinking - if I had to rely for the rest of my life on only five condiments, which ones would I choose? So after much debate, here they are - my desert island condiments. Feel free to mock me (yes, I like artificial cheese products). And feel free to share your own. 

 1. Hellmann's mayonnaise
 2. Sriracha (a.k.a. The Rooster)
 3. Blues Hog barbecue sauce (original)
 4. Sweet chilli sauce
5. Cheez Whiz


the mrs. said...

1. Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce
2. Honey

Those are the only condiments I eat, except SOMETIMES warm ketchup on meatloaf.

Ken Wood said...

I would need Chow Chow - Tennessee style -green.

Chez said...

yo ulika ~ my top 5 would be: mayo, creole mustard, l&p worchestershire, tabasco & horseradish. nope, bbq sauce doesn't make my top 5 ... it prolly be in my top 10, though. cheese whiz?? dude, that don't even make my top 100 ... lol.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

I never thought of Cheez Whiz as a condiment.