07 August 2008

Music Thursday: Food Safety

He's been called the "Elvis of E.Coli," the "Sinatra of Salmonella" and the "Artist Formerly Known as Prince of Pesticides" - Dr. Carl Winter is serious about Food Safety. To promote awareness, understanding and responsible coexistence with our microscopic friends, he has created a number of music parodies called Food Tunes. Parodying songs by artists such as Paul Simon (50 Ways To Eat Your Oysters), Will Smith (Don't Get Sticky Wit It), Kenny Rogers (Don't Be A Gambler), the Beatles (You Better Wash Your Hands) and the Eagles (Stomachache Tonight), Dr. Winter uses his synthesizer to cover various topics from diseases and viruses to poisons and pesticides. Some songs have accompanying PowerPoint presentations...but a few have fully animated videos complete with lyrics.

Food Safety Music - Microbes Medley

If you'd like to learn more, hear more, download some PowerPoints and/or order Dr. Winter's CD, Still Stayin' Alive: A Take Out Menu of Food Safety Hits (Including New Releases), visit his website.

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