22 October 2008

BBQ SAUCE OF THE WEEK: Russ & Frank's Sassy BBQ Sauce

I love sassy as a food adjective. Sassy means it's got attitude. Sassy means, as my grandfather says, "it's got some wang to it." Sassy won't steer you wrong if you're looking for big flavor. And when it comes to barbecue sauce, sassy is most definitely a good thing.

This one by upstart Iowa sauciers Russ & Frank's is no exception. It's definitely not "mild", but not quite "fiery" either. Unscrewing the top of the mason jar style packaging releases a great robust aroma of sweet tomatoes and garlic. The sauce is moderately thick and has a dark reddish russet color. First taste reveals not the spice, but the sugar. It's a modest brown sugar and molasses sweetness - a pleasant introduction, enhanced by subtle onion and garlic flavors. Soon, however, this sauce is compelled to remind you that it's sassy, and that's when the mild heat of cayenne and black pepper sneaks into the room. It's just the perfect amount of burn, giving you that great flavor without completely dominating the experience. In other words, it's got some wang to it.

Grade: A


Amy said...

Russ & Frank's Sassy BBQ sauce is one of the best bbq sauces that I have ever tried. I use Sassy BBQ sauce on meatloaf, chicken, and brush it on my grilled veggies. Sassy BBQ sauce has a great balance of "sweet" and "heat" and tons of flavor. Thanks Russ & Frank for making such an awesome sauce!!

Amy in Arizona

WV Mntn Gal said...

Russ & Frank’s BBQ sauce is probably the best I’ve ever used. It has a mixture of sweet and savory that blends nicely with the flavor of food rather than overwhelming. It’s neither too sweet nor too vinegary, like many of the commercial sauces I’ve tried. I’ve tried both the Mild and Sassy and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys good BBQ, and the Sassy variety especially for those who like a little ‘bite’ in their BBQ. Can’t wait to try the Fiery!

Eric said...

All three of Russ and Franks' sauces were great.

I heartily recommend them. Great job on the sauce reviews!

Eric Devlin