31 October 2008

Football Saturdays : The Comeback Drink

Now that we are in the heart of the football season, we are getting into some really important football games. Most people in the South have a deep passion for their football, and on Saturdays it can get pretty crazy. There are the tailgates and co-eds, and there is always the booze. Whoever your team might be, at some point in the season they may be trailing in a game. Some people try the rally caps and others use good luck charms and there was that rally monkey. However, I have an age old secret that will work every time. Note: This has never been posted on the internet. This is a deeply kept and dearly held secret. I am revealing what some people never wanted others to know. It's called the comeback drink.

If your team is down by 14 or more points, it is time for a comeback drink. Making this drink will guarantee that either a) your team will come back and win or b) you will forget that you were watching a football game. Part of the comeback drink is believing in the power of the comeback drink, and the other part is whiskey (well really, six parts whiskey). Yes, that's right, a comeback drink is six parts whiskey and a splash of Sprite. It is guaranteed to work every time. If your team is really down, it may require more than one comeback drink (use your own discretion here).

Go Dawgs. Sic' em.

There is a reason they call this the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.


Andrew said...

Awesome. As a Vandy fan, I'll be having one of those next Saturday. My only question is, if you are down by 28 points, do you make it a double? What about 42? 56? 70?

Ashley said...

This post is too funny.