12 November 2008


William Wall, better known as Billy Bones, is one of the barbecue world's legendary characters. One of the Upper Midwest's giants of barbecue, he has parlayed a successful competition career into an even more successful catering empire. And of course, he'll sell you some barbecue sauce, too.

Rugged and smoky, and with a hearty burn in the aftertatste, this is a no-nonsense, no-frills sauce - a man's barbecue sauce, if you will. There is not much sweetness to be found, but there is a virile dose of vinegar, which gives way to a savory spiciness. It's dark brown in color and just barely coats a spoon. This sauce is going to add a kick of tangy, spicy flavor to whatever you use it on.

Grade: B

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd be more likely to buy his sauce again if he didn't act so jerky on the Barbecue News boards. It's fine to have a big, bold personality. It's not OK to talk down to others and accuse them of things they didn't do. Hint for Billy Bones - Think before you speak and be sure you're on target.