08 January 2009

Music Thursday: Belle and Sebastian

The Ulika Food Blog is committed to bringing you a different flavor of Music to kick off 2009. Instead of just posting a song from YouTube each week (sometimes food related, sometimes not), I am going to give you a little more information about the music and the artists that you might hear under the Ulika tent. I am not ready to rename the blog "Ulika Food and Music Blog" or anything, but I do want to make Music Thursdays a little more informative and fun. I decided that I would just shuffle my iTunes and see what comes up. I will continue this for Music Thursday until I run out of tunes or until I freak everyone out with the music I listen to.

In the first edition of Music Thursday, I am going to bring you a song from Belle and Sebastian. Now B&S is not a group that you would ever associate with bbq, nor would you ever hear anyone blasting their music at a competition. However, team Ulika does not really fit into the norm. If you stop by our site at any given competition, you might just hear some of Stuart Murdoch's catchy melodies.

For those that don't know, B&S hails from Glasgow, Scotland and they drew great acclaim in the UK in the late 1990s. I came to discover this band from Space Man some time in 1999. I had heard them before, but never really got into them until the album Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant. When I was living in Athens, GA I listened to this album almost nonstop. After that, I got into some of their later work and have continued to enjoy every album they have released since. As I was clicking through B&S songs on YouTube, I came across one of my favorite tunes, Like Dylan and the Movies. This is a live version of the song from the album If You're Feeling Sinister. This was B&S's second album and the one that launched them to the top of the charts. Pitchfork Music tabbed this album #14 in the top 100 albums of the 90's (what a list of albums). So enjoy the video and check back next Thursday for more music.

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Andrew said...

Oh, Belle & Sebastian. Speaking of, I miss Stuart. The Life Pursuit was so good, I need more of that...

You just wait. At the next competition, you'll have to turn up your If You're Feeling Sinister to drown out somebody else's If You're Feeling Sinister...

(thanks for the shout out)