26 February 2009

Music Thursday: Jubilee

Today is Ulika member Joe Colvert's birthday (also Johnny Cash's birthday). Happy Birthday Joe and Johnny! Joe has been with team Ulika from the beginning, but Joe's roots are in Alabama. In fact, the majority of his family currently resides in Daphne, AL "The Jubilee City". The name Jubilee comes from the "phenomenon" that brings blue crabs, shrimp, and various fish from the bottom of the bay into the low waters along the beach shoreline. Byron Chism of Buttrub.com fame was so inspired by the "phenomenon" that he created a Seafood Seasoning calling it Jubilee. This seasoning is in the same mold as Old Bay with its strong celery salt base flavor. I use it when seasoning almost all of the seafood I cook, and I love how it complements all seafood dishes. Try some out yourself here.

Now onto the music. In 1994, blur released the album Parklife. I was in the 8th grade when a classmate first played me this record and I was hooked from there. blur is most notably recognized for their hit Song 2. A song that you have heard even if you didn't realize who it was.

Here is track 14 on Parklife - Jubilee

I am pretty sure that this song was in no way inspired by the "phenomenon".


BP said...

Best band ever.

Unknown said...

I was going to mention that blur was your favorite band, but I was not sure if that was still the case.