19 March 2009

BBQ IN THE NEWS: Rise and Fire - Gus Johnson's Beale Street Experience

In honor of the greatest sporting event in the world getting underway today, here's a tidbit about one of those personalities that makes the tournament so special - Gus Johnson. Sports blog The Big Lead had a story yesterday about Johnson's recent late night experience at Memphis' Blues City Cafe. It seems Johnson wasn't too pleased with the food or the service, got into a shouting match with the manager, and eventually wound up in the back seat of a police car. No charges were filed. Man, I would love to hear Gus Johnson in a shouting match.

Having actually dined at Blues City Cafe last time I was in Memphis, I have to say that I side with Gus. That place is a straight up tourist trap. Their barbecue is buddy and their "World's Best Tamales" aren't even that good either.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a few of Gus Johnson's greatest hits. Enjoy the games!


Danny said...

I totally agree. Blues City is average at best.

PolishNate said...

I've been to the Blues City Cafe as well and like your experience, it was a let down.