10 March 2009

Ulika Update

Our first contest of the year is quickly approaching. In just three weeks, we will be headed to Clarksville for the 2nd Annual Porkin' in the Park contest. This year, Ulika has added a new competition trailer. Last year we rented a trailer for all of our contests, but we are now the proud owners of a CM enclosed 16' v-nose trailer. The trailer should be delivered either later this week or early next week. Of course, I will post some pictures when the trailer arrives. Next week we will have a practice run on all of our competition meats. I have a few new twists with my ribs and pork which were the categories in which we placed the lowest in 2008. We are just hoping that the judges will still like what we do to our chicken and brisket. We are really looking forward to cooking again and seeing some folks we haven't seen in a while.


the mrs. said...

The things that I am looking forward to in the 2009 BBQ season...

- the High on the Hog midway
- the Raymond family in Winchester
- all potential Friday night bands
- BP's turn-in time playlists

The things that I am NOT looking forward to in the 2009 BBQ season...

- parsley

Andrew said...
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