24 July 2009

BBQ IN THE NEWS: Bar-B-Cutie goes Back-to-Back!

Once might have been a fluke, but twice in a row is clearly a trend. The Tennessean's readers have spoken, and local chain Bar-B-Cutie is once again not only the best barbecue restuarant, but the best overall restaurant in Nashville. Yes, the Toast of Music City award winners were unveiled today, and once again there are gaffes. I am especially baffled by the award for best burger going to...Steak-Out?

Bar-B-Cutie once again cleaned up, winning best barbecue and best overall, and finishing third in both "Best Lunch" and "Friendliest Family Dining". Last year, I wondered whether there was some initiative by Bar-B-Cutie to get out the vote, or if, unbeknownst to me, the place really is that popular with Middle Tennesseans. I visited a Bar-B-Cutie earlier this year, and while the ribs were lackluster, the pulled pork sandwich was actually not that bad. So I guess I can conceive of them winning the barbecue category. But Bar-B-Cutie winning best overall restaurant completely destroys the credibility of the whole awards. Again. Once might have been a fluke, but twice in a row is clearly a trend.


Chris said...

I'm with you, I question the validity of these online type polls.

Billy Carroll said...

Bar-B-Butie makes me Pooty!

Unknown said...

I don't think it is possible that this is a reasonable sampling... especially for best overall restaurant. I won't fault BBC for being a reasonable BBQ CHAIN, but there aren't ever enough people there to be a serious contender for best restaurant.

Hey at least they are better than Whitt's and burn a couple of logs in the back to at least make it smell smoky for dine in customers.