31 August 2009

Music City BBQ Festival Photos

The entrance to the festival was at the intersection of Broadway and 2nd Avenue.

Only in Nashville can you see a cop on a Segway and a dog in the back of a pickup truck in the same city block.

The central area near the entrance had a lot of kids attractions, vendors, Shriners, and demonstrations.

The food vendors were lined up along the back of Riverfront Park.

This funnel cake vendor had every kind of funnel cake topping imaginable.

Pig & Pie was there vending. I talked to John Hamilton, who said he is scouting locations to reopen his restaurant.

Paradise Ridge was also there vending.

Vanderbilt and Tennessee cookers for sale! Interesting, because I'm pretty sure I've never seen Vandy fans actually cooking their own food at a tailgate.

Live music on the main stage.

The High Rollers played bluegrass.

For $50.00, you could buy a "Smokin' Hot" VIP pass to the festival, which included unlimited barbecue, beer, and soft drinks (not sure whose BBQ was being served).

The cook teams were set up on and around 1st Avenue South.

Peg Leg Porker - ice luge was nowhere to be seen!

Peg Leg MBN onsite judging - shoulder category.

105th Smokers with some MIM hardware on display.

The Whiskey Pigs cook the barbecue for the Corner Pub's "Smoking Mondays".

I was glad to see The Crows Nest competing. Their ribs are some of the best in town.

Jimmy Carl's competed. Nashville's restaurant scene was pretty well represented in this contest.

Sweet Swine O' Mine - 2009 Memphis in May Grand Champion

The trophy

Sweet Shoulders O' Mine

Memphis in May style booth

Sow Luau

Harley Hogg Smokers

Maybe this is a sign that the Vols are going to wear those black jerseys this year.

The Backyard teams set up on the river side of 1st Avenue South. Their turn-ins were on Friday night, so many of them were cleared out by Saturday.

House of Q completely dominated the KCBS side of this event - 1st in ribs, pork, and brisket; 4th in chicken. Needless to say, they took the Grand.

Feeding Metro's Finest.

The Charcoal Cowboys had a good showing, finishing 9th overall in KCBS. Here they are pulling the pork that took 4th.

Nice Racks

Not sure what team this was, but props on the awesome Titans cooker.

Pork University - is there where you go to earn a PhB?

Lotta Bull had the back corner of this parking lot to themselves.

Congrats to Jiggy Piggy on earning the KCBS Reserve.

Tennessee Smokers - all Vol.

Random Smart Car convoy.

Prepping the cooker for onsite judging.

Myron Mixon working his magic - MBN onsite shoulder judging.

MBN blind judging - shoulder category.

KCBS judging - pork category.

View from the Shelby Street bridge. Not sure if attendance picked up later in the day, but when I was there, there were not many spectators.

Nashville skyline.


the mrs. said...

WOW! Ben, these pictures are amazing - a very thorough report! I'm sorry that we missed it. Maybe they'll try it again next year?

Joel Cook said...

I'm really hoping this event picks up next year!