14 October 2009

BBQ SAUCE OF THE WEEK: Dinosaur Sensuous Slathering Sauce

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a well-known barbecue restaurant that originated in the 1980s in Syracuse, New York as a small biker bar, but has now grown into a full-blown enterprise, with additional locations in Rochester and New York City. And they have reached that lucrative level of notoriety which brings with it...airmail revenue. Yes, like so many of the institutions in Memphis, you can have a rack of Dinosaur ribs packed on dry ice and shipped to you overnight.

So needless to say, they have their own brand of barbecue sauce.

It's a relatively thin sauce, vinegar and tomato based. It has lots of little pieces of garlic, onion, and green pepper floating around in it, giving it a chunky mouthfeel. Overall, the sauce has a very fresh, earthy taste, with the natural sweetness of the tomatoes and the tanginess of the vinegar leading the way, flanked by mustard and fresh onion and garlic flavors. It's a pretty mild sauce in terms of the heat level.

Grade: B

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