07 October 2009

BBQ SAUCE OF THE WEEK: Sticky Fingers Memphis Original

Without really planning to, I wound up at a barbecue restaurant in Jacksonville over the weekend. After watching the Titans get completely dismantled by the Jags, we headed for the airport and were looking for a quick bite before we returned the rental car. We wound up at Sticky Fingers. And I have to say - for a chain barbecue restaurant, they turn out a pretty good rack of ribs. I brought some sauce home to review.

The "Memphis Original" sauce actually reminds me more of Kansas City than Memphis. Although less thick than a KC-style sauce, it has the smokiness and the molasses sweetness that tend to overshadow the tomato element. Worcestershire and vinegar flavors are prominently featured too, as well as a light peppery finish. Overall, a pretty average, unspectacular sauce.

Grade: B-

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