27 February 2010

BBQ IN THE NEWS: B&C Review in the Nashville Scene

Carrington Fox has a review of the new Melrose location of B&C BBQ in this week's Nashville Scene. You can read her review here.

You can read our review of B&C's original Farmer's Market location here. We hope to make it to their new location soon.

Photo credit: Nashville Scene

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Anonymous said...

I wish my experience at the new location had been so, um, pleasant. I will agree, nice looking place that does a lot for the kroger shopping center on the hill. The pork sammich, while eatable, was fair to middlin at best. I think it may have had a little too much time under the heat lamp getting a fake bake. Vinegar sauce was good. Grits were, perhaps, the worst grits I've ever tasted. Perhaps I caught it on a bad day, but it was that bad. The chicken was really good. Great smoke flavor. I will give it another shot in hopes what I experienced was an anomaly. It is after all, a neighborhood joint that is right around the corner from my house. My expectations may have been a little high, but...