24 February 2010


Well, the name of this one is just a hanging curveball over the inside of the plate, isn't it? Go ahead and do with it what you will; I'll move on to the review.

I can't seem to find any information or background on this product, other than that it's manufactured by Palmetto Canning Company in Florida.

The color of the sauce is kind of a faded rusty reddish brown. It's got a fairly thick consistency and a smooth texture. The aroma is strong of vinegar and peppers. In terms of taste, this sauce is definitely less sweet than most that you will find at a grocery store. It's heavy on the vinegar tang, with a lot of mysterious flavors swirling beneath. And it's got a pretty serious peppery finish. There is some sweetness, but it definitely plays second fiddle to the other flavors in this sauce.

Grade: B

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Anonymous said...

For the price, Pat's cant be beat.