10 February 2010

Just in case there was any confusion...

The correct ranking of Girl Scout cookies is as follows:

1. Samoas
2. Thin Mints (best straight from the freezer)
3. Trefoils (very under-rated)
4. Tagalongs
5. Do-si-dos


Beth said...

I agree with your Top 5, except in a different order. Do Si Dos, Thin Mints (always frozen), Tagalongs, Samoas, Trefoils. That is the correct order.

the mrs. said...

Oh, samoas must always be on top.

Sadly, I somehow do not know any girl scouts this year and did not order any cookies. :(

Chris said...

Are you kidding me?!? (Said in best John McEnroe screaming at the tennis umpire voice)

Tagalongs are at least top 2.

Now if only they'd come out with an ABT flavored cookie;)

Unknown said...

not too sure about an abt flavored cookie. maybe the jalapeno and bacon flavors but not the filling

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Samoas? You can still get Samoas? We just bought some caramel delights from my niece in Austin,Texas cause they can't call cookies Samoas there!