30 March 2010


The Final Four of the Burger Tournament has been set.

The people have spoken, or in this case voted, for the top four burger spots in Nashville. There are no real surprises here as three of the number one seeds made the final four and one number two seed.

Brown's vs. PM

#1 Seed from the North Bracket - Brown's Diner
Brown's Diner is definitely what you would consider a true burger joint. Inconspicuously located on the corner of 21st and Blair, the double wide trailer that Brown's calls home doesn't exactly fit into the neighborhood that has built up around it. But even with the ever changing landscape, Brown's has stayed true to form by putting out one of the best burgers in Nashville. They look to take their classic burger up against the jazzier PM located just about a mile down the road. It's not exactly the battle of the boulevard, but it's close.

#2 Seed from the East Bracket - PM
PM is the brainchild of Nashville restaurateur Arnold Mint. Don't let the Seaweed Salad on the menu fool you, there is a burger on the menu of this ore upscale restaurant, and several folks will tell you it's the best in town. This is truly an old school vs. new school match up as they take on the rough and rugged Brown's Diner.

Rotier's vs. Gabby's

#1 Seed from the West Bracket - Rotier's
Rotier's is a Nashville tradition. Located near Vandy on Elliston Place, they have been serving up their famous burgers since they first opened in 1945. Known for the grilled burger on french bread and winner of several "best burger in Nashville" awards, they aim to take down Gabby's.

#1 Seed from the South Bracket - Gabby's
Gabby's is the new kid on the block. Owner Doug Havron opened Gabby's in the old Hap Townes location near Greer Stadium. Known for serving grass-fed beef and the slogan "living the dream", Gabby's looks to make its mark by taking down the historic Rotier's.

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BP said...

It was a valiant effort by Sportsman's, but the reputation of Rotier's is hard to overcome.

I had a PM burger for lunch today. It's really really good - very juicy, perfectly cooked medium rare. And I love the wasabi mayo. But in the end, I think I like the more traditional taste of Brown's better.

the mrs. said...

This may be unfair, but I have to vote for Rotier's because they also have great milkshakes - NO MILKSHAKES is my number one complain about Gabby's. It's ridiculous to serve hamburgers without milkshakes.