14 April 2010


Scott's is Eastern Carolina style all the way. Ingredients: vinegar, salt, peppers, spices. So to say it has some tang to it would be an understatement. If you take a swig of this stuff by itself, it will pucker you up. But this sauce wasn't made to taste great on its own - it was made to complement pork. I might also add that the Scott's sauce packs some heat. It will put a nice little burn on ya. I've had "down east" barbecue sauces before that I didn't much care for, but this one gets it right.

Grade: A


the rooster said...

This is by far my favorite east carolina sauce. Awesome to marinate with or just slap on top of some pulled pork. It was like finding gold when I saw it in harris teeter in nashville for the first time.

Chris said...

Sounds like a must try for me, since I love Carolina sauces. Did you order through their site or did you find this in a store?

BP said...

Like the rooster, I found this one in Harris Teeter.