07 April 2010

Gabby's wins the 2010 Burger Tourney

The 2010 Burger Tournament had its ups and downs, but in the end hundreds of votes were cast and Gabby's came out on top. What was the championship formula? Maybe it was the newness or just the perfectly cooked grass fed beef. One may never know, but Doug and the gang can claim the honor of being the 2010 Nashville Burger Champ.


Joel Cook said...

They should get a trophy. I am looking forward to eating there soon. I've heard nothing but great things! Maybe a pizza bracket in the future? Excited to see what you explore next!

Andrew said...

Somehow, I don't even know what Gabby's is...but on the strength of this win, I'm going to find out.

Unknown said...

I think that you will approve. Now that it is baseball season it would be a prefect stop before a Sounds day game.