29 June 2010

Tuesday Taqueria: El Tapatio

Today's Tuesday Taqueria takes us to El Tapatio. This is another restaurant/taco stand combo. The building is adjacent to an auto body shop, and the taqueria trailer sits in front of the restaurant with a smoker/grill along Nolensville Road. As with some of the other taquerias, as you pull up a car hop quickly approaches your car. On this day, the parking lot was pretty full and there were 2-3 car hops making the rounds taking orders.

I ordered tres tacos. uno pastor, uno lengua, and uno carnitas. The tacos were garnished with radish slices, a lime, and some red sauce.

The pastor taco was pretty average. The pork was good, but it didn't have a wow factor. Pastor tacos are known for their citrus style marinade, and this one missed the mark with the lack of acidic character. 2.5/5

The lengua (tongue) taco was tender with a great texture. I know that some people may be turned off by the thought of eating beef tongue, but the taste is beefy and there is no strange flavor at all. 3/5

The carnitas was the best of the three tacos. The pork was plentiful and it real went well with the onions, cilantro, and red sauce. 4/5

When the car hop gave me the total, I could not understand what she said. So I gave her a $5 and told her to keep the change. As with the other tacos I am sure they were somewhere between 99 cents and $1.50.

The car hop was very friendly even though it was very obvious that she spoke very little English. The biggest problem with this place is the lack of parking. 3.5/5

All I have to go on here is the Tennessee Health Score for the actual restaurant. The 78 score is not really strong, but I didn't get sick. 3.9/5

Overall El Tapatio is pretty good. I am a little turned off by the amount of lighter fluid that adorns the grill, but I guess it works for Myron Mixon, and it didn't seem to come across in the flavor of the meat.

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Diana said...

She said, "Six."

I kid, I kid. I am loving these reviews, the map, the ordering tutorial. Thank you!