18 October 2010

It's Hunting Season

Hey hunters, are you tried of that flavorless game bird? Are you constantly looking for new marinating techniques? Do you have a broken tooth from biting down on that shotgun pellet? I may have found the answer. Season Shot is a flavor packed shotgun shell. Why wait to season your meat when you can season on impact? Just shoot the game and throw it in the oven. Don't worry about the shot, because the pellets will just melt down. You might want to even shoot the thing twice to get some extra flavor.

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Chris said...

Totally hilarious, thanks for posting this one.

Do they have one in .30-06 for venison?

Unknown said...

Love it! Also when are these going to come on the market?! ha ha ha. I have a feeling it is a joke.

Owen Mcmillan said...

Great read