30 September 2011

BBQ Sauce of the Week: Southern Soul's Sweet Georgia Soul

Southern Soul BBQ restaurant in St. Simons, GA has not been around for 100 years, but don’t tell that to Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp. The two proprietors of Southern Soul BBQ have quickly put their BBQ joint on the map by cooking low and slow traditional bbq. They have been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and pitmaster Harrison Sapp appeared on season 2 of BBQ Pitmasters. This publicity only showed America what the locals already knew: that these two were putting out some damn fine que.

Their Sweet Georgia Soul sauce may have the appearance of a Kansas City style sauce, but at the first taste, you quickly realize that St. Simons Georgia is ways off from KC. The base is tomato, but you pick up mustard and pepper undertones right away. While strong mustard flavors may seem strange to some, it is truly a staple in this region (see the yellow area of the map below). Even though this sauce is named Sweet Georgia Soul, the slight sugary sweetness that you get is outweighed by a black pepper kick, but that only gets high marks in my book. Overall, it is very versatile sauce that has a smooth finish, and works great on chicken and pork.

While I am not the foremost expert on the sauces of this region, I can say that I have had more than a few sauces from this area, and Southern Soul’s Sweet Georgia Soul stacks up with the best of them.

Grade: A


Chris said...

I was glad to see they rebuilt after the fire. I look forward to my next trip back to my nearby hometown so I can stop at Southern Soul.

Unknown said...

Could you review Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce? Saw some at Bass Pro Shop in Nashville.

Belle said...

Wanna try this item.