13 December 2011

10 Worst BBQ/Grilling Gift Ideas

Apron Sets
No one really wants one of these things.

BBQ Tool Set
If you want to get someone a nice spatula or tongs, that's fine. However, the items that come in these sets are crap.

Bacon Themed Anything
These were slightly funny about two years ago, but don't waste your money.

Hamburger Press
If you feel like someone needs a hamburger press, they probably shouldn't be making hamburgers.

Fork Thermometer
You shouldn't poke you meat with a fork to turn it or to get the temp of it, and the thermometer on these is about as accurate as this guy.

Grill Branding Iron
Clever idea? In theory maybe, but they don't work very well. Beef is too dark for it to really show up, and your chicken and pork really don't need to be branded for any reason.

Indoor Grill
A true grill master will fire up the grill in snow, sleet, rain, or a tornado. Also these things are a bitch to clean up.

I Can't Believe It's a Lighter
Is that a shotgun shell? That's a cute little camera. No, they are lighters silly.

Themed BBQ Sauce
Really? I like Georgia, but I don't need some generic bbq sauce just because it says Georgia on it.

Bottle Brush
Have you ever tried to use one of these? If you have, you would never buy this for someone.

Check back tomorrow for the 10 Best BBQ/Grill Gifts.


ceeelcee said...

Thank you for calling out these crappy gifts! Looking forward to seeing the good ones tomorrow.

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