02 September 2013

Pork Pork

This weekend we picked up a 190 lb. hog from the fine folks at Bear Creek Farm.

Here is what we did with it.

36 hour sous vide pork belly that was deep fried to crisp the skin

mortadella di bologna

22 hour slow smoked pork shoulder

smoked rack of loin

slaws and watermelon/heirloom tomato salad

pop tarts made with leaf lard from the pig

new tv setup to watch college football


Chris said...

Amazing job, nicely done across the board. The pop tarts idea was fantastic. Sous vide pork belly, time to break out my machine.

Anonymous said...

I bet that would go good with the new Mountain Dew Game Fuel soda. Or it would go damn good by itself mmm.


Unknown said...

Just awesome! Wish I were there!

buckndinks said...

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