01 August 2007

BBQ IN THE NEWS: Blue Moon Lagoon

There was an interesting piece in this week's Nashville Scene. No, I'm not talking about this guy. Or these people. There was a review of the restaurant-formerly-known-as-the-Blue-Moon-Cafe. It's a place I knew well, charming shithole that it was. Supposedly now they've gussied it up a bit. I hear lobster's on the menu now.

Anyway, apparently this new incarnation, in addition to serving seafood, is going to have a go at doing barbecue. As you can see on their menu, they claim to serve "honest to goodness, true, for real, no kiddin', tennessee hickory hardwood, pit smoked perfection." That's a lot of descriptors! They go on to mention "pit master barry baker."

Well, leave it to Scene food critic Carrington Fox to pull back the curtain on these Wizzards of frOZ:
"When I asked the server-in-training where the pit was, she looked at me as if maybe I were asking for a latrine. Sensing her confusion, I pointed to the menu and asked where—or if—the barbecue was cooking. She retreated to the kitchen to ask her mentor, and a few minutes later she returned with the enthusiastic report that the barbecue comes from Sysco."

That's rich, right there. The barbecue comes from Sysco! I wonder if they smoke it over at that big factory by John Tune Airport? And I wonder if it comes in that awesome Dharma-esque packaging? Dharma Pulled Pork!

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Unknown said...

We saw that news in the Scene too. So, we are in the "show me a sign" situation about the Blue Moon. We tried going a couple times, once it was too packed, 2nd it was closed, and now 3rd this story of food being made by Sysco Food Distributor. Ick. That is my biggest pet peeve about restaurants. It looks like I will not be eating at the new Blue Moon.

But, for most people, they don't really care what they are eating, so Blue Moon will probably thrive.