03 August 2007

BBQ IN THE NEWS: Williamson County Fair

The Williamson County Fair gets underway this weekend, and once again they are having their buddy non-sanctioned barbecue cookoff. One thing about this cookoff - it's anyone's to win. Yep, even if you refuse to peel the membrane off of your ribs, or nearly burn your tent down sqirting lighter fluid on an open flame.

The article in The Tennessean touches on a point that I always try to make clear when talking to people about these events - barbecue cookoffs are like strip clubs. You can ogle all you want, but unless you know somebody, you're not gonna be sampling the merchandise. I mean, the title of the article sums it up:
"Smells great, but don't expect a taste"
I think a bouncer said that to me one time at Club Platinum! But seriously, I sometimes feel sorry for the general public who show up for a cookoff. They imagine that it will be like a giant barbecue buffet, only to arrive and discover that it IS a giant barbecue buffet - just not for them.

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