24 August 2007

Concoctions from the Ulika Headquarters volume 1

The Ulika Headquarters is a lot like the Food Network test kitchen (minus the endless budget, clean up crew, New York City, etc.). This is where the brains of the operation (yours truly) plays with new ways to cook a brisket or comes up with things like wrapping corn in bacon and smoking it. The headquarters is also the birthplace of the newest Ulika menu item, "Kitchen Sink Wings."

Kitchen Sink Wings

Kitchen Sink Wings


- Buy 24 whole chicken wings. Rinse the wings, but keep them whole.

- Rub the wings heavily with spices - 10 (minimum) various rubs and spices - black pepper, white pepper, chipotle powder, paprika, garlic powder, assorted BBQ rubs, lemon pepper, whatever you can find. No measuring needed, just dump and rub.

- Smoke 1 to 1 1/2 hours at 275 degrees. When the wings are done, they will easily pull apart.

These wings always taste a little bit different, but are always smoky and tasty.


BP said...

Yo, that's crazy, man.

It reminds me of this recipe I found for fried chicken like Elvis' cook used to make for him. I'm skeptical, though, because I've always heard that Elvis didn't like meat on the bone.

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