24 August 2007

Team Ulika is now the proud owner of a Big Green Egg

Recently, team Ulika found a great deal on an egg on Craig's List. We've been eyeing these things since we cooked next to an all-egg team in Lenoir City in 2006. We got a comprehensive sales pitch, errr, breakdown of how cool the eggs the really are.

Unlike Ryan Leaf, New Coke and The Adventures of Pluto Nash, the egg does not disappoint.

If I had to recommend one backyard grill, this would be it. You can go low and slow or hot and fast. The ceramic cooker allows the heat to be retained for long, slow cooks - making it perfect for cooking small amounts of BBQ (one to two butts). On the hot and fast side, you can sear steaks at temperatures over 750 degrees for great crust.

The egg can be used for baking as well, cooking breads, pizzas, meat loaf and more...team Ulika looks forward to experimenting with egg baking in the future. The egg may also become the team's new competition chicken cooker.

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Unknown said...

When I was a kid in L.A., my dad had an egg shaped grilling thing sort of like this. It was stone though, with a rack on top to grill, and down below was a hole to remove ash when done. Is that like this egg of yours?