06 December 2007

More From the Ulika Kitchen

Now that I am getting caught up on my blog, I wanted to post some pictures that I have been taking over the last few weeks.

This was just a small little GreenWise brisket that I picked up last weekend. This little brisket stood out to me because it had a big hunk of fat running through it. So I thought what the hell, why not throw it on the egg? For a brisket that cooked in 1.5 hours it was pretty good.

From the time that I realized the Big Green Egg could cook one heckava pork tenderloin, I've been cooking them every few weeks. This is a picture of a couple tenderloins that were seasoned with Smokin' Guns Hot and Obie's Double Strength Garlic Pepper. For those of you cooking at home, remember the key to a nice juicy tenderloin is to cook to an internal temperature of 145°.

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