30 January 2008

KCBS BBQ Power Rankings

I don't know how long this site has been out there, but I just came across The Pickled Pig's website. This site is the official site of The Pickled Pig's competition bbq team from Overland Park, KS. At first glance this site looks like most other bbq team websites. However, there is a little section on this site that sets it apart: The BBQ Power Rankings.

Here are just a few of the features of the BBQ Power Rankings:
  • Selectable Date Range
  • Overall Rankings and Rankings by Each Category (with complete listings for every team that had a top 10 finish)
  • Complete Contest Results (with a posting of the number of teams and GC total score)
  • KCBS Contest Statistics
  • DIY Rankings Generator
  • Listing of the Number of Contest and Teams Broken Down by State
  • Much, Much, More
This site absolutely blows away the official KCBS website, and the KCBS or MMA should hire the person that created and maintains this website. The ability to find information about contest results is fabulous. It also allows the amateur KCBS team to see how they stack up against the big boys.

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