27 March 2008

Make Some Sparks

Ah, Sparks... no, no not the scary beverage love child of Red Bull and Zima. I'm thinking of the band Sparks. After twenty some odd years, this duo is still around making quirky glam-pop records for those who will listen. Despite this longevity, their most critically-applauded album, Kimono My House, came early in their career. That's where you'll find this week's jam, Barbecutie.

Don't worry, it's not about that sub-par BBQ chain we find around Middle Tennessee (and no, I'm not talking about Whitt's - though they do suck just as much). It's an obvious ode to meeting up with sweet young thing at a cookout on a summer's day. While at it's core it has nothing to do with firing up the old Stumps cooker, the last verse does a nice job of accidentally capturing the vibe of a weekend spent at a cooking competition. Dig:

The friends are getting friendly on the lawn
the flies are making enemies of all

Aroma rising from the ancient coals
has turned you into someone very bold

Hell yeah... gets me all excited about competing next weekend in Clarksville and all those fine ladies that flock to these mid-south KCBS events. Hey, more like Barbegroupies!

Finally, let me give props to my homeboy/bandmate Brockford Lee for suggesting this song. He's a prince with a heart of gold and a vice to match.

Hope y'all like this week's jam. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy this weather.

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