02 April 2008

BBQ SAUCE OF THE WEEK: Maguire's Irish Barbeque Sauce

Did you know that barbecue sauce existed in 1645? Neither did I. Did you know that there was such a thing as "Irish" barbecue sauce? Yeah, me neither. It looks like we'll both learn something today. According to the label on Maguire's Irish Barbeque Sauce:
Adherence to Conor Patrick Maguire's (1645) recipe is as close as possible given today's availability of the original medieval spices.
Wow. And you thought your grandma's recipe carried some tradition!

Well, maybe the availability of those precious medieval spices is not very good in 2008. Or maybe C.P. Maguire's 1645 recipe just isn't all that stellar, because this sauce just does not impress. It's difficult to discern any significant flavors beyond the basic Worcestershire-enhanced tomato paste. The sauce is neither sweet nor spicy, and there is little to no vinegar flavor either. Quite frankly, this is as bland and uninteresting a barbecue sauce as I can remember tasting.

Grade: D

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