28 April 2008

Winchester 2008 Report

The 21st Annual High On The Hog Tennessee State BBQ Championship
Winchester City Park, Franklin County, Tennessee
April 18-19, 2008

This was the third year for Ulika to head into Winchester, the home of the team's competitive debut in 2006. Always a favorite and nostalgic event for the team, High on the Hog regularly brings out some the country's best competitors. With the loss of Fred Gould (the much loved and highly respected original Winchester contest rep), there was certainly sadness around the event, but there was also great excitement as the field was stacked with 52 teams ready to compete in the traditional four meat categories along with the "Creative Sausage" (sponsored by Wampler's), "Anything But" and Dessert ancillaries.

High on the Hog is a larger scale event as it includes a Kids-Q competition (watch for future Jr. Ulika domination), a live band on Friday night (watch for a full report from BP), a field of local vendors and a full scale carnival complete with midway games, rides and the all important carnival food. This year, the weather was much better than it had been in years past as a few brief hours of rain on Friday night were nothing compared to the biblical downpour that took place for three days straight in 2006. It was mostly sunny and warm with a little wind, and all in all a nice weekend.

Ulika was thrilled to receive its highest number of stage calls this year, taking 5th Place in Chicken, 9th Place in Ribs, 7th Place in Brisket and 7th Place Overall.

Congratulations to Grand Champion Bareknuckles BBQ and Reserve Grand Champion Team Bobby-Q! Visit the KCBS High on the Hog Event Page to view the full results.

Winchester 2008: Ron Harwell visits the Ulika tent to check out the Stumps.

finishing the chicken

sampling pork pieces

pulled pork

the "Sea Ray" pirate ship ride

the spinner

the ferris wheel

Despite the ever-attentive ride operators and that comforting accreditation by the West Virginia board of amusement and thrill rides, team Ulika members chose not to ride any of the attractions.

Congrats to Team Bobby-Q on Reserve Grand!

Congratulations to Wade and the Scenic City Smokers on that first place finish in pork! What a way to debut!

We're pleased to own our first HOTH cutting board - a few particular Ulika team members have coveted these for three years now.


Pellet Envy said...

Great pictures Rob, especially the carnival stuff. Is that a chef's coat you're wearing during turn in? Now that is getting into character during game time baby!

Unknown said...

That is a chef's coat. I prefer the coat over the apron.

ScenicCitySmoker said...

Nice meeting you and the team. Too bad the rain cut short the Friday night festivities. I was so stoked after lucking out on that pork I didn't even remember the photo you posted!!! That's terrible, isn't it....nah, that's old age. Maybe we'll meet up again in Lenoir and have another blast. Great job on that 7th overall...A Grand is in your future......