29 April 2008


Today's Topic: Bacon

50 Ways to Use Bacon

Unfortunately, the list excludes a few essential ways to use bacon.

Such as:
1. Bacon wrapped bacon
2. Bacon wrapped sausage
3. Chicken Fried Bacon (see video)

If you ever cut and or burn yourself while cooking bacon, try these bacon bandages. I have never been one for themed band-aids, but I could be down with walking around wearing a bacon bandage.

Can't get enough bacon? Get the sensation of bacon all day long with this gummy bacon.

This is a must have for anyone that wants to smell bacon any time they get in the car.

No office professional is complete without the bacon briefcase. What's in the briefcase you ask? Papers, ya know, just papers. Uh you know, my papers. Business papers. And what do you do, sir? I'm unemployed.

The next best thing to dressing as Jon Burr for Halloween is to come dressed as a piece of bacon.


Pellet Envy said...

Fun post Rob. Check this out:


BP said...

"Butter that bacon, boy."