16 May 2008

BBQ IN THE NEWS: Bizarre Pig Smack in Franklin

Today's Tennessean has a story about a piece of promotional pig art in downtown Franklin, Tennessee which seems to have been the victim of a bizarre threatening note.

"Your Pig Got Smoked. Rodeo Time In Franklin," reads the note, which also had a rounded cigar burn in the paper.


First of all, who says newspapers are dying a slow death in our modern society? Where else are you going to hear about hard-hitting, relevant stories like this one?

Second of all, it's good to know that despite the ever-increasing yuppification of Williamson County, there are still people there who care so passionately about the Franklin Rodeo.

Third of all (and most importantly), I am very interested in hearing more about this Franklin Food & Spirits Festival. From the sound of things, it seems to be a mostly barbecue-oriented event. With a little digging, I was able to learn that some impressive people and organizations are involved, including Pat Martin (Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint - Nolensville, TN), Ed Mitchell (Eastern NC BBQ legend), Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q, Frank Vernon (The Bar-B-Q Shop - Memphis, TN), Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q, and the Southern Foodways Alliance. Apparently, they're cooking whole hogs at the Carnton Plantation the first day of the festival. Where do I sign up?

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Unknown said...

$150 for a ticket to eat the whole hog. That's Franklin for ya.