14 May 2008

BAR-B-CURIOS: World's Largest Barbecue Sandwich - UPDATE!

I wanted to check back in and let all of you know how the Pulaski Kiwanis' world record attempt turned out. As we pointed out beforehand, the people from Guinness were not on hand, so the record was not certified. But it appears that unofficially we do in fact have a new world record. The assembly of the sandwich began shortly after the dessert turn-in at 2:00.

Here is the finished product.

As you can see on the scale, the final weight was 145 pounds. Old record of 89.9 lbs = destroyed.


1. First and most obviously, this is not one sandwich, but two. Two buns = two sandwiches.
2. You might not be able to tell from the photos, but most of the pork was not pulled. In the first photo, you can see that they started to pull it with the first few butts, but most of the sandwiches consisted of them just placing whole butts (bone-in) onto the buns.
3. Now that the excitement of this record is behind us, what's next? What should be the next "world's largest" food item record-breaker? I for one would like to see the world's largest funnel cake. You?

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Joe Baine Colvert said...

That giant sandwich was buddy as hell.