23 May 2008

Memorial Day Weekend - What Are You Cooking?

Post a comment below and let me know what you are cooking this Memorial Day Weekend.

To all the cooks participating in the The Great American Barbecue Festival, good luck and have fun.


Matt Cook said...

2 racks of ribs!

the mrs. said...

pie. cherry or apple?

Terry (aka) Big Daddy said...

9 racks of baby backs (for 5 hours)
45 whole wings (for 2 hourss)
baked beans (for 2 hours)
and some yum yums

All done on the pit you sold me.

I love that pit, she cooks sweet and I named her Big Mama.

Terry (aka) Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

country ham salad, baked mac and cheese (alton's recipe)

Ken Wood said...

I'm on vacation at Gulf Shores brought a 22 inch Weber and cooked homemade hamburgers with green peppers, onions,djoin mustard,worcestersire,and spices. Lumberhjack smoked sausage and XXL hot dogs. The food was great might have been the beer and ocean!!!