01 May 2008

Music Thursday: Crawfish

We are now at the peak of crawfish season...so for Ulika Music Thursday, I thought I would bring you a song about crawfish.

Elvis Presley's Crawfish

This is a duet with Kitty White featured in the 1958 film King Creole.

Is there anything better than grubbing on a table of crawfish while drinking a cold beer? I didn't think so. Nothing says spring like sucking the head off of a little crustacean.

If you are in Nashville, South Street has all-you-can-eat crawfish on Sundays that I highly recommend. You better show up early (before 3pm) to make sure you get some.

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BP said...

One of my favorite memories with Jay was in New Orleans, we bought a 12 pack of beer and a big bag of boiled crawfish, and went to a pier to go crabbing. That combination of fresh crawfish and cold beer...so good!