02 May 2008

Ulika BBQ to Cook at Agave in Nashville

On Sunday May 4th, Ulika will be making a special appearance at Agave Tequila Lounge in Nashville. As part of a four day Cinco de Mayo celebration, Agave will be holding a ribs and chicken cookoff. I know that I said I would never cook in an unsanctioned event again, but this "contest" is a little different. First, there will only be two or three other people "competing" - so I like our chances. Second, I'm not sure if you could really consider this a contest since there are no prizes, no awards, and no judges (well 5-6 random people may or may not select a peoples' choice winner). No, this "contest" is more for fun. Honorary Ulika member Cullen Wyatt helps run Agave and he asked us to come down and participate. So when the opportunity came up, I decided that it would be more fun to handicap ourselves by cooking old school only - on Weber Kettles.

Come out to Agave on Sunday. I am sure Cullen and the gang will be serving it up real nice all day long. Agave is located at 118 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN.

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