24 June 2008

BBQ IN THE NEWS: Rock the Vote!

You fellow Nashvillians may or may not have noticed that The Tennessean , in an apparent effort to fill a void that does not exist, has started their own "Best of Nashville" awards. There are a ton of categories and they are all voted on by the public. Food and drink, of course, comprise a large percentage of the categories. And of course there is a "Best Barbecue" category. If you feel so inclined, get out and vote! Actually, you can just CLICK HERE and vote.

This is a decision that is sure to inspire every bit as much passion and heated debate as the Presidential election this fall, as we tend to take our barbecue pretty seriously around here. You can do like me and vote for Martin's, or you can vote for any of the other fine establishments in Middle Tennessee. Heck, you can even vote for Whitt's. If you don't see your favorite listed, you can write it in. Now get out there, Dear Reader, and remember - vote your hopes, not your fears.


Unknown said...

Also vote Agave for "Best Place to Drink Tequila".

the mrs. said...

It's mighty fishy that Whitt's is listed twice in the voting options.

For best local anchorperson, I'd like to endorse Nick Paranjape.

And should I know why "Jello Biafra" is a tag for this post?

Anonymous said...

poor, poor Tennessean. But yay for voting for friends!